November 08, 2007

The use and importance of Aromatherapy diffusers – Part I

A very important utensil of Aromatherapy is the diffuser. This device allows us to disperse essential oils in a room or area and fill it with the fragrance or natural aroma of these oils.

Aromatherapy diffusers come in all kinds of colors, designs and materials, but the thing is not exactly in the diffuser itself – beyond quality and design aspects- it is in the correct use you make of it and of the chose of essential oils. When you do a good use of both, you can make the most of the aromas the diffusers help to spread.

Uses of Aromatherapy diffusers

An aromatherapy oil diffuser can make you enjoy at the most of the healing properties of essential oils for hours, with just some little drops of them.

They can transform the whole environment of the room and make it pleasant to our senses. It can give a romantic, sensual, relaxing, or any other type of atmosphere you wish (depending on the essences you choose, of course).

They are also used to fade away unpleasant smells as of cigarettes or domestic animals.

Therapists recommend using diffusers that do not use any heat.


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