October 30, 2007

How to use an Aromatherapy diffuser

A very important utensil in Aromatherapy is the oil diffuser. It allows to volatalize essential oils without burning them or alter it. Aromatherapy oil diffusers work great in medium size and small rooms.

How much oil should I pour in an oil diffuser?
It depends on the aroma, the intensity your want to get, and the time you will have the oil diffuser working. A suggested dose would be between 5 to 10 drops.

Three steps to use the Aromatherapy Diffuser
1) Pour some drops on the paper strips that come with the diffuser

2) Introduce the strip in the diffuser's gap
3) Connect the oil diffuser to electricity and strat enjoying of the aroma

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arthr said...

I have used many diffusers and when you have to choose from this vast range of diffusers, the most appropriate and suitable diffuser for yourself, the question arises How to pick the right one.

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