October 22, 2007

How Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy helps improve your libido – Part II

The most used aromas with aphrodisiac purposes are:

- Jasmine: The exquisite fragance of jasmine was very well appreciated in Old India where thye called "Queen of the Night". Women wore jasmine flowers on their hair to seduce their men. thye even adorned elephants with these flowers to induce them to reproduction. It is the favorite in the perfume industry, however its very high price make sit a bit hard to find in most commercial products.

- Vanilla: They say vanilla has an aphrodisiac power because it reminds us of mother milk. It is characterized by its sweet, warm but very penetrating aroma.

- Ginger: It has a strong aroma and a very stimulating effect, too. Its aphrodisiac effect can get increased when you mix it with other fragances.

- Ylang Ylang (Ilang Ilang): This is one of the most versatile fragance in Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy with a sweet smell that has to be mixed to get a balance.

- Rose: As jasmine, it has a very seductive effect. Queen Cleopatra used to take baths of milk, honey and rose petals. Like Jasmien it si very exclusive and rare to find in its purest form

- Clove: Due to its strong arome it ahs to be used in small doses because it causes a very powerful aphrodisiac effect.

How to use these Aromatherapy aphrodisiacs?

  • You can use essential oils alone or mixing it with others.
  • Essential oils with very strong aromas can not be used directly on your skin since they may irritate it.
  • You may take an aromatherapy bath with candles and oil diffusers
  • Use well and bath products or deodorant sprays that can be used over cushions or clothes
  • The mixture of essential oils as rose and jasmien cna be used as perfumes


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