February 10, 2007

How Aromatherapy can fight stress. Part V

Work stress

In the working environment, stress is recognized as a problem that may have an important impact in productivity and can even be the source of many accidents.
In the 90’s, the HWO (Health World Organization) had already qualifies it as an epidemic. At the same time, medical studies reported that stress at work promoted the acquisition of coronary diseases.

Some kind of stress is natural, but there are times when it becomes a problem. The degree or level of the condition is not only produced by negative situations but also by happy moments as getting a job contract, a promotion, or a productive goal.

There are many countries where workers suffer the effects of uncontrolled stress, generating a vicious circle that gives as a result a high level of absenteeism, supported by expensive and prolonged medical licenses.

Consequently, important multinationals have starting applying Aromatherapy programs for their employees, as Shell in Netherlands; and Nissan, Honda and Shimizu Construction in Japan.

Among the stressing situations that can be treated with scientific Pure Aromatherapy we can mention lack of creativity and motivation, changes of humor, disorganization, confusion, lack of concentration, insecurity, impatience, mental apathy, an even shyness.

In this context, Aromatherapy looks forward to get and keep a better physical and mental condition, by passing forma negative state to a positive one that will allow facing new stressing situations.


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