February 09, 2007

How Aromatherapy can fight stress. Part IV

Aromatherapy Effectivity

Many scientific studies have analyzed the essential oils and their properties to relief stress and their benefits at a corporal and mental level.

The French chemist, RenĂ© Maurice Gattefosse, author of the concept of Aromatherapy registered the antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of its product, which he started investigates in the 1920’s after he got his hand burnt and soaked it in a container with lavender essential oil.

The pain was relieved and the traces of the accident were almost unnoticeable. This motivated him to study the properties of the essential oil.

A new contribution was made by Edward Bach, an English doctor, who in the 1940’s had tested complementary methods to treat emotional disorders, which led him to the discovery of 38 of species flowers and native plants.

Bach, sustained that a patient could only be healed of her physical problems when her emotions were controlled by the use of essential oil and/or any other additional therapy. One of his most known works is the Flowers of Bach.


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